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New online casinos Canada - Find your best online casino 2022

Are you searching for new online casinos that offer more games, better bonuses and perhaps something that you’ve never seen before? Well you’ve come to the right place, because Casinobulister is all about finding the best new online casino for you!

We’ve put together a full selection of brand new online casinos with amazing features and interesting offers. Here you’ll find the most recent and up-to-date gambling sites without having to stress about keeping up with the constant flow of new casinos.

All of the newest casinos on this page are safe and secure – we’ve tested them ourselves to ensure the best quality for our players. Also, our list of new casino sites is updated regularly, so don’t forget to keep an eye on fresh arrivals.

Newest Online Casinos recommended by Casinobulister

All New Online Casinos – March 2022

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Casinoly Casino

  • Casino Bonus: 100% up to 500€
  • 200 free spins
  • Massive welcome offer

18+ | | |


What we look for in new online casinos?

Basically, new online casinos tend to offer something interesting, whether it be competitive bonuses, new features or just a more stylish and modern look. Whatever you’re looking for, a new casino is always worth checking out.

As we know, newcomers in any industry have to make a good first impression. This is especially the case for new casino sites that are competing for the same customers with hundreds of similar online casinos. That often translates to the best offerings.

  • Bonuses

    New casinos definitely come out with the biggest bonuses, since that’s the easiest way for them to attract new players. You can find anything from massive deposit bonuses to hundreds or free spins and perhaps even no deposit bonuses.

  • Games

    Any top casino has to of course offer a good games selection. The newest casino sites typically offer a large selection of the best online slots, table games and live casino games.

  • Usability

    A fresh modern look and a flawless user experience are common attributes, but you can also expect to see some unique and more advanced features that make the gaming experience smoother.

  • Fast money transfers

    It’s all about speed and the ease of play these days. New online casinos focus on simple and fast money transfers using the best technology like Bank IDs and E-wallets. Most importantly, withdrawals have to be fast.

  • How to find the best online casino?

    Finding the best casino sites is easy, because Casinobulister has done the groundwork for you. We’ve listed all the best online casinos for you to choose from. Start your search by determining what factors are important for you and then focus on the casinos that best suit your style and preference. So just head to our best casino list and pick the best option for you.

  • Reliability

    Obviously, the most important criteria for any online casinos is safety. This is something that we check carefully before a new casino can be added to our site. We only list casinos that are 100% secure, appropriately licenced and offer responsible gaming tools.

  • Customer service

    When something goes south, players need to be able to contact the customer service quickly. All reliable gambling sites offer support using live chat and email.

Why choose new online casinos?

The saying “new is always better” might not always apply to online casinos but there’s certainly something interesting to be discovered here. Often you might just be curious what the newest casino brands have to offer, and other times a tempting bonus might just be enough for you to sign up.

There are plenty of reasons why players choose new casinos instead of the old known ones. As in any industry, people just want new experiences. It can definitely be said that typically online casinos are very similar to each other, so anything out of the ordinary will for sure attract players.

Here are 5 good reasons to choose a new casino:

They offer the freshest and newest technology and usability

A new casino is most likely to give you a big bonus

Top notch mobile casino experience

New casinos tend to focus on faster gaming (pay’n play casinos)

Fresh innovations and new bonus features make the overall experience more entertaining.

How to select the best new online casino?

Choosing a suitable new casino for you can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of things to consider and certain pitfalls to avoid. However, you don’t have to stress yourself with all this, since Casinobulister has pre chosen the best new casinos for you.

All you need to do is compare the options and find a best match for you. Of course you should focus on the attributes that we mentioned earlier on this page and test the newest casinos yourself to know what’s on offer.

You can follow these simple steps to find and choose the best new online casinos:


Go through our selection and compare different options

You can also read reviews and see what other players have to say about each new casino site.


Head to the casino and create an account or sign in with Bank IDs

Remember that you can always test the site with play money and make a real money deposit if you’re convinced enough.


Claim all the possible bonuses on offer

This way you’ll get more money to play with and also lower your own risk at the same time.


After you’ve successfully selected a new casino of your choice, take your time testing it thoroughly

Perhaps you’ve found your new favourite or you’re not totally convinced and want to jump to the next one. 

New casino bonuses – Find the best deals

As we all know, online casinos are loaded with bonuses. Especially new casinos are very generous when it comes to giving away attractive first deposit bonuses to new players. You can easily grab big amounts of bonus money and free spins on top of your own deposit. In the best case scenario a new casino might even throw in a no deposit bonus.

Casinobulister is here to help you claim the sweetest bonuses on the market today! We are always on the lookout for the most interesting casino bonuses that new casino sites have to offer. Just remember to keep checking our updated lists for the best offers and make the most out of your gaming experience.

Also, remember to subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive our Exclusive Offers negotiated only for you!

The newest online casinos offer unique innovations

In an industry that’s so competitive, new innovations play a big role and keep things interesting. It’s not easy for new online casinos to gain a competitive advantage without having something different to offer. Usually that means offering bigger and better bonuses that your rivals, but that has nothing to do with innovation.

The biggest invention in recent times has been Pay N Play, which totally revolutionised the way we play online casino games. This amazing innovation was all started by the Swedish payment method Trustly as they noticed a demand for a faster and simpler gaming experience.

It’s safe to say that the newer online casinos tend to offer the most recent technical solutions and the most modern platforms. There has even been a push for virtual gaming, but they have yet to make a bigger breakthrough. Instead many new casinos focus on simpler innovations, such as creating new bonus features that give an extra boost to playing at online casinos. A good example of this is the Feature Buy Bonus, which allows you to pay your way to the bonus rounds.

Pros and cons of new casino sites

Whether you prefer to stick to your old trusted online casino or choose to give a chance to a newcomer, that’s totally up to you. As we’ve mentioned in this article, there are some significant advantages in trying new casinos.

Below we’ve listed the main pros and cons of new casinos compared to older and more established sites.


  • Modern and simplified websites
  • Better welcome bonuses
  • Newest technology and easy to use platform
  • You can often play faster without registration
  • Mobile gaming at its best


  • Sometimes lack of experience
  • Less feedback from players

What are the new trends in the online gambling industry?

The new online casinos 2022 look significantly different compared to those of 2010 or let alone 2000. That being said, the evolution of online gambling has been intense, and we’ve seen many revolutionary innovations during the past decade.

One of the biggest trends in recent years has been pay’n play or online casinos without registration. This boom really took off in 2019 and has been the biggest trend ever since. This faster and easier style of playing had a huge impact in the whole industry and made gambling online more accessible for everyone.

So after the massive success of registration free gaming, most new casinos now focus on ways to make the whole process faster and more efficient for the player. This has led to the development of new fast payment methods that compete with the existing ones like Trustly. Also, cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity at the newest casinos.

We believe that future trends in the industry will focus more and more on the ease and speed of play and of course mobile casinos, since most players enjoy playing casino games on their phones or tablets. Besides that, new online casino sites also tend to find different ways to attract new players meaning that we might see unique bonuses, promotions and reward systems popping up in the future.

Anything is possible in the world of iGaming, so we’ll keep you posted on any interesting new trends in the industry! Meanwhile, choose an interesting new casino from our list and give it a try!

New Online Casinos FAQ

  • 1. Are new online casinos safe?

    If the new casino has a reliable gaming licence, a reputable operator, secure payment methods and games from the best developers, you can trust that they are safe and secure. We only list 100% safe casinos, so by choosing a new casino site from our list, you can enjoy a safe gaming experience.

  • 2. What advantages do new casinos offer?

    New casinos have something to prove and have to do all they can to compete against the older well-known sites. That’s why the newest online casinos usually offer the best bonuses, the most advanced technology, faster withdrawals and the freshest look.


  • 3. How to find the best new casino?

    We have selected the best new online casinos for you and tested them thoroughly, so all you need to do is pick your own favourites from our list. First it’s good to determine your own preferences to know what type of new casino you’re looking for and then focus on the sites that offer what you need.


  • 4. Do new casinos offer better bonuses?

    Definitely! Brand new online casinos often come out with the biggest bonuses because they must try to attract new customers. New casino sites offer attractive welcome bonuses including large deposit bonuses and loads of free spins.

  • 5. How often are new online casinos established?

    Basically, new casinos are launched all the time. It might be hard for a player to keep up with the newest casino releases, but Casinobulister will always let you know when interesting newcomers open their doors.