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Best Betting Bonus of 2024 From CasinoBulister

Sports betting is completely its own category when it comes to gambling. There are slots and all kinds of casino games of chance where the player doesn’t really have any control over their chances of winning or long-term return expectations. In sports betting, you decide what you bet on, and you can try to predict the future outcome in many different ways.

Many probably remember how much fun it was to bet at an early age who would run faster, or which school class would be the best in football. These are our first contacts with sports betting. While those bets were certainly not made with real money, they fulfill many principles of sports betting. Evaluate the participants and guess who the winner will be!

Online sports betting is Casinobulister’s great passions and perhaps yours too – as you’ve found your way to this page. So, whether you are a beginner, a casual bettor, or a hard-working betting monster, you’ve arrived at the right place. We will provide you with helpful betting tips and tell you what kind of betting bonuses you should take advantage of.

Best Sportsbooks by Casinobulister

The Best betting bonuses of 2024

cazimbo logo

Cazimbo Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% Up To 200€
  • Tax Free
  • Cryptos Accepted

18+ | | |


Untitled design 24

Zetcasino Sports

  • Sports bonus: 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 200€
  • Tax Free
  • Massive welcome offer
  • 24/7 Support

18+ | | |


Untitled design 3

TonyBet Sports

  • 100% up to 100€
  • Gambling for Real Money
  • Great Promotions

18+ | | |


oh my spins

Oh My Spins Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% up to 200%
  • Estonian Tax & Customs Board Gaming License
  • Huge Selection of Slots
  • Cryptos Accepted

18+ | | |


63fdfbd456f1ef063524f732 sg casino

SG Casino

  • Casino Bonus: 150% Up To 500 + 200 FS
  • Promo code: BULISTERSG
  • Exclusive
  • 24/7 Support

18+ | | |


31bet logo

31 Bet Sports

  • Sports bonus: 100% Deposit Bonus Up To 500€
  • MGA license
  • Casino games and sportsbook

18+ | | |


LuckyElektra casino logo NewCasino

Lucky Elektra Sports

  • Sport Bonus: 100% up to 150€
  • Estonian Tax & Customs Board Gaming License
  • Platform is Crypto-Friendly
  • Live chat is open 24/7

18+ | | |



20Bet Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% Up To 100€
  • Extensive collection of live dealer game
  • 24/7 Support

18+ | | |


mrgreen logo

MrGreen Sports

  • Sportsbook bonus: 25€ Free Bet
  • Great odds
  • Trusted Operator Established 2007

18+ | | |



Librabet Sports

  • 100% deposit bonus up to 200€
  • Tax Free
  • Top Game Library
  • 24/7 Customer Support

18+ | | |


ezgif com webp to jpg

BlueChip Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 150€ Free Bets
  • Highly attractive bonuses
  • Wide variety of trending games
  • Mobile friendly games

18+ | | |


Untitled design 67

Fezbet Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100%up to 200€
  • Estonian Tax & Customs Board Gaming License
  • The Highest Odds On Top Leagues
  • Fast Payouts And Easy Verification

18+ | | |


Untitled design 21

Casinoly Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% up to 200€
  • Tax Free
  • Online Casino and Sportsbook
  • Massive welcome offer

18+ | | |


150x150 sp

Slots Palace Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% up to 100€
  • Tax Free
  • Massive welcome offer
  • 24/7 Support

18+ | | |


lightCasino logo 1 200x90 1

Lightcasino Sports

  • 100% deposit bonus up to 200€
  • Top-tier software providers
  • Mobile-friendly

18+ | | |


Untitled design 11

Unibet Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% Up To 100€
  • Casino, Sportsbook, Poker
  • Good Odds Across a Range of Sports

18+ | | |


Untitled design 6

Betsson Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% Up To 100€ + 10€ Free Bet
  • Trusted Sports Betting Site
  • Great Selection of Sports

18+ | | |


winnersbet white 150x50 1 Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 100% Up To 100€
  • High betting limits
  • 24/7 Support

18+ | | |



Highbet Sports

  • Sports Bonus: 15€ Free Bet
  • MGA License
  • Loyalty program
  • 24/7 Support

18+ | | |


22bet casino - logo

22Bet Sports

  • 100% up to 122€
  • Live Betting with the Best Odds
  • Sportsbook, slots, live casino

18+ | | |


Online sports betting - What's the best sports to bet on?

One of the best things about online sports betting is that there are many different sports and markets to bet on. But which, out of all of these, are the most popular and best ones to bet on?


Football is one the most popular sports of all time, so there are always online betting options in the major world leagues and smaller ones. Some of the most popular leagues to bet on are English Premier League, La Liga, The Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1.


Tennis is one of the easiest sports to bet on and for predicting the winner. The odds might not be the best on the favorites, but you can make a pretty good profit with a higher stake. The most popular markets are Match Winner, Set Betting, First (or subsequent) Set Winner, Handicap Betting, and Total Games.


Basketball doesn’t require too much knowledge about the game to guess the winner. The ultimate most popular league in basketball is the NBA, but you can also bet on leagues like FIBA, Euroleague, etc.


Hockey is a fast-paced sport that offers excitement for pre-match and live betting. The most popular leagues are NHL and KHL, but the annual World Championships also offers a wide range of betting options.


Esports is an entirely new school of betting, which opened up sports betting to a whole legion of new fans. The diversity of titles you’ll find is simply sensational. The three games that are dominating the Esports market are DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends.

Get the most out of sports betting bonuses

Online sports betting bonuses will never run out of style. They are simply amazing benefits that the sports betting site offers to its players. This is a really positive thing for the bettors, as the best betting bonus offers give the player significant financial benefits.

Deposit offers, free bets without deposit, risk-free bets, and cashbacks are the most common and the best betting bonuses. Other benefits available include a mobile bonus, odds boost, and various betting bonus combinations. In addition, various promotional campaigns offer players comfortable opportunities to win great prizes, such as cash or holiday trips.

  • Deposit bonuses

    Traditional deposit bonuses are by far the most common and popular form of sports betting bonuses. A deposit bonus is a benefit given to a player in connection with a deposit made.

    Sports betting deposit bonuses always introduce the bonus amount as a percentage and the maximum amount of money that can be received with the deposit. For example, the offer of 100%/€100 means that you will double your deposit up to €100.

    The 100% bonus means that the online betting site will add 100% to your deposit, effectively doubling it. So, if you deposit €100, for example, the betting site will give you €100 extra, and your player account will have a total of €200.

  • Free bet & risk-free bet

    A free bet simply means that players bet with the sports betting company’s money. Usually, in free bets, the stakes are pre-determined, but at the same time, the player doesn’t have to pay the free bet at any point. In other words, everything goes from the wallet of the sports betting site.

    A risk-free bet is another kind of sports betting bonus granted by the best online casinos to either new or old customers. In all its simplicity, the principle of risk-free bets is that the online betting sites give the player, for example, a €50 bet free of risk. First the player must place a €50 bet with their own money. Once the bet has been settled, the player will either be refunded their stake or given a free bet if their own bet is lost.

  • Cashback

    Cashback refers to a form of bonus in which the online sports betting sites return a part of the player’s bet back to him. The higher the cashback percentage is, the greater the benefit to the player.

    Cashbacks reduce the risk associated with online betting, as the operator returns part of the stake if the bet is lost. They are, in a way, a risk-free insurance in the event of a lost bet. If a sports betting site offers its players cashback, it’s definitely worth taking advantage of ­– especially in the long run. Keep in mind that you can get really remarkable financial benefits from them.

  • Odds boost

    Odds boost has recently become intensely involved in the offers of bookmakers. In practice, this means that for an (often interesting) match or event, betting odds are clearly higher than usual for a particular outcome or even for all options.

    Basically, odds boost works in such a way that the sports betting site intentionally raises the odds of another team in a particular match selected as a bonus. So, if the team’s betting odds were 1.8 normally, the sports betting site might raise it to 2.8, for example.

Online sports betting tips - 7 ways to play smarter

Whether you are a beginner aiming to be a professional or just a casual bettor, you should know the basics before placing bets. We collected all the most crucial betting tips for sports bet online players.

  • Manage your bankroll

    The most important lesson for all bettors, both new and old, is to manage their own bankroll. Never play with too big bets if you can’t afford it. Also, don’t risk too much on a single bet, no matter how “safe” the bet may be. Risk and cash management are everything when it comes to long-term profit.

  • Prefer single bets

    Many new bettors want a lot and immediately. However, you achieve smaller wins with single bets, but those wins come more often. And like everyone knows, the little streams make the big rivers.

  • Keep track of your bets

    Accounting is one of the bettor’s most important lessons. Keep track of your bets from the start, and don’t forget to write down any bets. Monitor the relevance of your bets over a long period of time (from months to several years) to get the best idea of how successful you are as a bettor.

  • Play only with the best odds

    Simple tip, but too many bettors don’t take this seriously enough. You should always play only with the best betting odds on the market! So, create an account for multiple online betting sites and compare the betting odds. Place your bets where you get the best deal!

  • Prioritize on the sports and leagues you are familiar with

    The biggest mistake for many players is excessive betting. For example, you may have complete control over your hockey stats for betting, but you will lose out in the big picture because you also play basketball, ping pong, and Egypt’s 6th Division, even if you don’t know anything about them. By keeping track of your bets, you can see which leagues have been profitable for you. So, keep playing them and forget others until you learn about them more. 

  • Take advantage of sports betting bonuses

    More than anything, especially beginners should take advantage of the sports betting bonuses! With the best casino bonuses, you can quickly get more out of your bankroll. This way, you will make your game session longer, even if you lose money. With bonuses, you can basically train betting for free (or at least cheaper).

  • Trust yourself

    This tip could also be number one on the list: always trust yourself! It’s of course a good idea to read betting tips, and it’s always nice to speculate on bet ideas with friends and other bettors. However, tips are only to support your own analytical work, not a substitute for it. So, always make the final decision independently!

Best online sports bettings sites 2023 from Casinobulister

If you are searching for the best online sports betting sites of 2023, you have come just to the right place! Our goal is to offer you tips on the best online betting sites and online casinos with the most diverse range of options and the best betting bonuses.

Every time a new online betting site opens its virtual doors, we take a close look at it. Therefore, we know precisely whether the site is worth our recommendation. Basically new casinos are always worth testing out!

To find the best sports betting site for you, you need to consider your own preferences. Which sports do you want to bet on? Do you need a variety of bonuses? Does the look and the usability of the site matter to you?

When you know what you want from a online betting site, you can follow these steps to find the right online sports book for you:

Browse our selection of the best sports betting sites


Compare them and their betting bonuses


Register an account


Make your first deposit and claim the possible welcome bonus


Place your bet/bets on the sport of your choice


Withdraw your winnings!